Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2013 #SSKAL

After finishing my sweater last year for last years Summer Sweater Knit Along I was so excited to see starting another one this summer. I had purchased the most lovely CEY Mountain Top Vail yarn from Stash last October (my birthday present) and had the pattern picked out to use it with: Bayside Pullover by Hannah Fettig. I had already completed 2 sweaters that year and was getting into the Christmas craft season so my new(est) sweater was put on hold.

This summer I found out the new KAL and signed right up. While browsing FB one day I saw Stash post about how they just got in an order of MadelineTosh.
 I think I lasted two or three days and I was in store stashing up. They had the most beautiful shade of blue... So there I was on the floor of the store perusing Ravelry to find the right pattern for this yarn that I had to purchase.
I have a rule: I WILL NOT BUY YARN UNLESS I HAVE THE PATTERN FOR IT. I do this to cut down on spending and random skeins with no apparent use.
And then there it was! Tiny but beautiful in all it's glory on my cell phone screen. The perfect pattern. Poolside.

I showed everyone my gems and told them how excited I was to begin work on my winter lovelies. The general consensus was that the Bayside was going to be a nicer sweater than the Poolside. Pshaw! These non-knitters cannot see the potential in yarns and lace patterns. I knew BOTH would be wonderful.

My #SSKAL journey began with two sweaters. A bit ambitious, I know, but go big or go home. Or to the pond- since projects get frogged? Haha.
I knitted my little heart out on July 24th. I was on vacation that day but beach or no beach I was going to get knitting.

Knit, knit, knit, all day long. I began my two sweaters that day. I like to have multiple projects going because I'm a self-diagnosed ADD knitter. As much as I worked, I am slow. And I get tendinitis flare ups when I knit with heavier yarns. The deadline was approaching, September 18th. I thought I would have been done with BOTH sweaters by now but I wasn't. I even told my husband and son, "Sorry guys I have a deadline and I NEED to knit." My hubby was surprisingly supportive of my online endeavors once I explained it to him. He did look at me like this whole online knitting group thing was a bit nutty, but I think covering yourself in elk pee is nutty, but I don't say a word.

A day late, but better late than never, I finished the Poolside sweater and it is GORGEOUS!


I haven't finished my Bayside yet, but I'm still cookin' with peanut oil and I hope to have it done soon.

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