Monday, September 30, 2013

Knitting in the Woods

Well it is THAT time of year. I mean the time when life begins to get crazy. Or crazier. With the adoption of an eyass goshawk this summer I have not had the usual break from Haas activities.
From mid-August until the bunnies become pregnant in the spring we are all things hunting. Hunting speed goats, deer, bugle boys, whatever either hawk will fly down, and this is what we do EVERY weekend. I think obsessed is still too modest of a word to describe what happens 9 months of the year. Could you compare it to being pregnant with morning sickness all nine months with no end result? Probably.
So for the week that I was in lovely Wolcott, CO hunting them things with antlers, some with sharp teeth and claws, and waiting for the news that one of these creatures met its unfortunate end headed to my freezer, I found time to knit. Actually, that's really all I did. I managed to start and finish two projects, work on a sweater WIP, and begin two lovely patterns from my new favorite book, ISLAND.
Here's what I accomplished:
You can see all the details of each project by clicking on the photo. It will take you to my Ravelry page

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Found another cause that speaks right to my ♥

This actually began as I was browsing my E! app photos and saw a lovely Hilary Duff wearing a "home." t-shirt. I thought, "Well, isn't that cute? Too bad Colorado is just an unrecognizable rectangle." (She was wearing Texas.) I looked the shirts up anyway and found that a portion of the profit is for multiple sclerosis research. I'm sold! That's what I lost my daddy to any way I can support the research for a cure for this disease is a great cause to me. So for the sake of another great cause visit The Home T and pick up your hometown tee! And even though my home is a boring shape, I wear the shirt proudly because I don't think it gets any better than this beautiful state!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's in my knitting bag? Glad you asked!

Oh Shannon! What a great thing to ask! I'm a bit emabrassed by the amount of what's in my knitting bag, the number of knitting bags I have, and how much I carry around. I might be a bit OCD when it comes to this kind of stuff.
2 bags, many projects and a lot of notion and little things I use once in a while but carry around "just in case I need them..."

So get ready, I'm going to show you exactly what is in there:

Bag #1:

This is a Fossil bag that my mother-in-law got for me to use as a knitting bag. I love it!
Here is a photo of what's inside:

When everything is inside, it really doesn't look like much like it does when it's all unpacked!

These are two bags that I ALWAYS carry around in any larger knitting bag. You never know when you might need what is in one of them!

Here we have what is in my adorable handmade notions bag from Stash. I've got a tape measure, stitch markers, a ruler, click counter, crazy glue (who knows!), various stitch markers from etsy stores and Stash, scissors, cheap counter, thread, two yarn stranding guides, a bag of point savers, and various needles.

This one is my favorite! It is my adorable needle holder from AtelierDeSoyun. I have my KnitPicks Interchangable Needle Set, crochet hooks, cable needles, dpn's, and nickle plated sock needles (also from KnitPicks).
Bag #2:
This is a bag that I made myself. I did not use a pattern, just tried to make a tote with my head knowledge and if you don't pay to much attention to the acutal measurements it looks pretty decent! I used various shades of gold fabric to cut out flowers and used wooden buttons and flower centers. I even managed to get three interior pockets!

I keep a small project travel bag also from Stash, Country Weekend Socks, my Nook, a lined book that I write notes in, and my current sock projects.

My Hippo Bag has some chevron sneaker socks that I am designing... it's taking me a while due to my needing to finish my two aforementioned SSKAL sweaters...

And in the green bag I have a bit of leftover sock yarn plus some KnitPicks rainbow sock yarn that is DYING to be knitted but will have to wait...
And for now, that is all I have in my knitting bag. Give me a couple weeks and it will change!