Thursday, August 1, 2013

I have got to cut down...

On my crafts that is!

I finally finished that rug that I had been working on for a year. THANK GOODNESS! I will not be doing that again. I gave my momma all my extra wool and bought her a pattern and she is loving it! She told me she hasn't enjoyed anything so much in a long time. I'm glad.

I'm thinking I will also give up on scrapbooking. Not that I'm not having fun with it, but I don't enjoy it as much as other things. G does so many sports that there is one every season and it's hard to keep up. I would rather knit! :o)

So as it stands I am going to concentrate on knitting (duh!), falconry photography, and schooling my boy. That is about as much as I want to take on. No pressure for any of it and I enjoy it all without being overwhelmed. School and knitting happen everyday weekday and on the weekends I can enjoy my husband's hobby with him by getting the action shots!