Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just Hookin' Along

I'm hooking a rug. That's all the Rug Hooker's lingo I will get in to. You can probably imagine that with the word "hooker" involved it can get pretty crazy. I love this rug that I am making but it will most definitely be my first and my last. I cant wait to finish it and see the final product resting on my kitchen floor. Dirt and mud getting squished into it, dog hair clinging, and juice staining it. The poor life of a kitchen rug. But I made it!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Here's the deal.
I've been going through withdawls.
I have a case of tendonitis in my right arm and I haven't knitted since Christmas.
It's seriously killing me. Knitting is my thing. It's what I love. I've weeded out many other "hobbies" so I can solely concentrate on knitting.
I'm going to finish hooking my rug- and NEVER begin another one. I'm going to finish painting the bathroom. Yay, no more wallpaper! And I really should do G's soccer, baseball, football, and now basketball scrapbook pages but to be honest I'm not that interested in doing that either. All I want to do it knit. I have so much yarn AND plans for that yarn (I'm being really good about not buying yarn I might use). My arm is feeling better but I told myself since I'm on the out right now that I really should finish those other projects.

Bayside Pullover

My goal is to get the bathroom done this weekend. It's looking so good!
I want to finish the rug by the time we go to Missouri so the gals at Saltbox can help me with the finishing touches. Then when I get home it's to the kitchen floor.
G is choosing not to play soccer this spring so there is time for me to catch up.
Maybe I have an excuse for not doing these things besides my love of knitting... I'm going to ITALY in May. Yes, that's right. ITALY.
I'll tell ya more about that later..

Be Mine Socks
Georgia Cardigan

These are just a few of the projects that have yarn awaiting for them. Selfishly, they're all for me!