Friday, June 22, 2012

Project Update...

I have finished Grandma's socks! Yay me! Here they are:

These are from Ann Budd's Sock Knitting Master Class Almondine pattern by Anne Hanson. They are PRETTY. You can find all the project details here.

I am also done with G's fall soccer pages for his scrapbook. That means I still have to complete spring soccer and when baseball is over end of next week then that needs to be completed too. But any progress is great progress, right?

Here's a bathroom update: I decided not to start the bathroom quite yet only because I am now thinking of taking the entire sink cabinet out and replacing it with a pedestal sink (or at least Jake will) and possibly tiling the shower... It's amazing what deciding to paint something can do to you. You change one thing and before you know it everything needs to be changed.

And I haven't even touched my rug. Sad, I know, but I will. Maybe tonight! Yes, I think I will. I was going to start ANOTHER kniting project before I begin my KAL but I think I need to (In the words of Jake) SETTLE DOWN! We'll see how long I can keep this mindset.

One more update: Jake and I looked at that commercial property for sale in town.... It's too run down to even consider it. Unless I was a millionaire, which I'm not, I don't want to put that much money into it to fix it up. That's okay because in 10 years something else may come along, but who knows where I'll be then anyway. Maybe I'll want to have a bakery or something. :o)

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